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Go-To-Ground or Earthdog trialing tests the working ability and instinct of small, often terrier or Dachshund dog breeds. These dogs were bred to hunt vermin and other quarry which lived in underground dens. Trials involve man-made underground tunnels that the dogs must negotiate, while scenting a rat, "the quarry." The dog must follow the scent to the quarry and then "work" the quarry, which is safely behind a barrier.

Competitive timing uses a Beam at the entrance to the tunnel to Start the Timer, and another Beam located on the sides of the tunnel at the end, usually about 18" back from the quarry. The event judge must also determine if the dog "works", or shows interest by barking, growling or lunging at the quarry for the prescribed amount of time after reaching the end of the tunnel.

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Expandable Model Sport-TIMER 3000 Controller, two sets of WIRED IR beams for start and finish, one set of 2 GTG tunnel brackets, 100 ft. cable. Includes wireless interface to BIG Display. Tripods NOT included.    $536.00

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