Full line of WIRED products also available
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Any event that requires accurate timing

The Heart of our timing systems is the Timer or Controller.  It is actually a small computer that is programmed to measure time VERY accurately, and display it in a way that is suitable for your particular event or requirement.  Battery powered, and accurate to 1/1000th. second.  All of the components "talk" to each other with LONG RANGE wireless radio signals.  Built-in antennas - nothing to break off.  Extended Range (ER) antennas available for extreme wireless range.  Custom programs are available to accurately time many different events.  9V battery powered.  PC Interface (contact us for availability) sends timing data directly to your PC. Full function stopwatch/timer, WIRELESS IR Beams or pushbutton START/STOP.
Foolproof, error-free operation.
*   Count times UP or DOWN
*   Multiple LAP timing
*   Multiple SPLIT timing
*   Circuit Training program
*   Replay last 100 times in memory
*   START and STOP audible signals.

If you use a START or FINISH line for your event, or both, our IR Beams can be used to sense when an object or competitor goes across the line.  Signals from the Beams can be used to START or STOP the Timer.  An LED on the back tells you when they are lined up - easy to set up as much as 150 ft. apart, or more.  A modulated IR beam makes them highly immune to false triggers or sunlight.  Wireless operation means NO MORE CABLES and built-in antennas!  Several convenient ways to mount them are available.  Use multiple Beams to time multiple segments.  9V battery powered.  
We also have a full line of WIRED products for those critical timing applications that require hard-wired connections between the components.

The Optional LCD Big Display (available in either 4-digit or 6-digit models) has 4" digits, visible in bright sunlight from 150 ft. or more.  It displays the time from the Timer or it can also be used as a stand-alone Timer with IR Beams.  Each Display has a unique ID so many of them can be used in the same location to display different times from different Timers, over a wireless radio link.  9V battery or AC powered(adaptor included).
4-digit Big Display - Outside dimensions - 14 1/2 " x 8" x 1 5/8" (368mm x 203mm x 42mm)
LCD Area - 13" x 4 5/8 " (330mm x 119mm)
6-digit Big Display - Outside dimensions - 21 " x 8" x 1 5/8" (530mm x 203mm x 42mm)
LCD Area - 19" x 4 5/8 " (430mm x 119mm)


World Class - PROUDLY made in North America!
International Orders Welcome!

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